Scientific EdTech

Making math a breeze

Turning children into math stars using science and game design.

Why Math?

Extensive research shows that acquiring basic math skills is crucial for the individual and society at large – math is the strongest predictor of later school performance and a key driver of economic growth. 35-50 % of a nation’s GDP-growth is explained by math and science scores.

Our vision is to deliver the optimal digital learning tool for teaching basic math to 7-15 year old children across the world. We provide teachers and parents with engaging and scientifically proven teaching that impacts both math skills and quality of life.

An Unusual Learning Game

We use scientifically proven methods to make learning math a breeze. Using cognitive behavioural therapy, modern technology and game design, we can provide an effective and fun learning experience for children around the world.

Learning should be fun! To ensure a high level of game design that keeps children interested, we have partnered up with a world-leading video game studio.

How we Differ


We teach students to mastery. Mastery means that student’s performance is fluent, errorless and effortless.

Science – Proven Effect

We base our decisions on a tradition of rigorous testing to ensure that we deliver the best possible product for you.

Validated Tests

We continuously measure every student, so you can follow individual and class progression without effort.

Behavioural Design

We use cognitive behavioural therapy to make sure that our content unlocks the potential in every student.

Results from our Customer

The diagram below shows one of our customer schools using our product. Compared to regular teaching, we could help the group of children move from below average to above average in 8 months.